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Aphrodite brings clarity to your mountain of data

Intensely focused, redesigned analytics for a new breed of entrepreneur working 100% on 3rd party platforms.

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We help businesses make great decisions.

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Timeless problems. Novel solutions.

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Real time, actionable insights

Relevant data for crucial decisions, every day. See the bigger picture, like trends in ROI, but never miss out on the details.

How it works
We keep it simple

Track the key data points that actually matter for decision making, translated from marketing speak to business speak.

Serious Security

Aphrodite is self service, GDPR compliant, and runs on SOC 2 compliant servers.

A New Industry Standard

We think manual reporting is going the way of the dodo. One click, all insights, no hassle.

The Key is to Combine

Cross-reference Facebook and Google account data to see ad spend, ad-generated revenue, and organic revenue.

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Unmatched Speed

Ten-second setup. Automatic updates every 15 minutes.

Augmented Intelligence

Get automatic insights from our chatbot on demand.

Automatic Reports

Receive daily executive summaries via email or Slack.

Spend Less, Get More

Spot hidden costs, identify opportunities, and maximize revenue.

Customer Support

Contact us with questions, or consult our Help Center.

Fully secure

We do not keep your payment info or data. Unlink your accounts at any time.

Free Upgrades for Life

New features every week. No new costs.

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