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Aphrodite frees you from the data frenzy

Plug-and-play analytics that turn complex marketing data into simple financial insights.

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Get instant financial clarity

Our dashboards help you drive revenue and invest in the right advertising, at the right time. As an emerging leader in plug-n-play analytics, we plug into your advertising and e-commerce data to give you visual enterprise analytics that automatically adapt to your setup, giving you custom insights out of the box. Revolutionize the way you do business with us.

Combine cross-platform metrics

All the data you need for executive decision-making, organized and unified in one dashboard. Easily grasp the big picture without missing out on details on the campaign level. We help you make confident, informed decisions to fearlessly push your company forward.

Build reports in seconds

Export our charts as images or CSV data files in just one click. Impress team members, investors, and/or clients with our standardized datasets and beautiful visuals. Reporting has never been this effortless.

Stay focused on the data that matters

Experiencing data overload? We've been there. That's why we created a self-service platform that breaks down key business metrics and helps you stay on track. Our motto is simplicity and speed that you can feel.

Scale your business

Increase ROAS and eliminate waste without spending more money on ads. Quickly identify areas with potential for improvement, and discover our custom tips and suggestions for conversion rate optimization.

Get better analytics, today

Save time, stay focused, and spend money where it matters.
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