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Digital commerce is a black box. We make it crystal clear. The first platform that combines ads + ecommerce analytics - and 100% self service.

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Aphrodite has optimized 000000 in revenue ...

... and 000000 leads for our users.

Powerful Features

Track ROI in real time. Visualize your costs and revenue across different ad campaigns and geographic regions.

Private & Secure

No partnership requests means we never see your ads. Your data stays yours.

10,000 Foot View

Forget likes and clicks, see what really matters - cash and projected ROI from ads, ecommerce, or both

Ecommerce + Ads, all in one place

Aphrodite helps you cut to the chase. We treat your online business like a physical store, with customers walking in and out, filling their shopping carts, and checking out. See numbers in real time.

How it works

Deep Dive on Desktop

Browse through up to 10 years of data, spot trends over time, and make mission critical business decisions.

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10 Second Setup, enjoy updates every 15 min

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Chat with other founders and get access to our library

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Get alerted once a day on ROI using our slack bot

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Spot hidden costs, new opportunities, and find revenue

Custom Support

Ask about our enterprise plan with weekly reviews

Free Upgrades for Life

We release every week with powerful new features

Customer Stories

“They know their stuff, unlike no other. I added $20,000 to the bottom line in the first month”

Nicci Elizabeth, CEO @ House of Vimm

“If your software could show us how to acquire customers below our margin, that would be the holy grail.”

Todd Sotkiewicz, CFO @ Make: Magazine

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