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Track the key data points that actually matter for decision making, translated from marketing speak to business speak.

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Aphrodite is self service, and plugs directly into the platforms you're using to get exact data.

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We think manual reporting is going the way of the dodo. One click, all insights, no hassle.

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Cross-reference Facebook and Google account data to see ad spend, ad-generated revenue, and organic revenue.

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What users are saying:

How does Aphrodite compare? Sellics Stripe Attribution Looker Clearbanc
Cash In
Crowdfunding Revenue yes no no no no
E-commerce Revenue yes no yes yes yes
Amazon Revenue yes no yes yes no
Cash Out
Facebook + Google Ads yes no yes yes yes
Amazon Ads yes no yes no no
LinkedIn yes no yes yes yes
One-Click Setup yes yes no no no
Fixes Your Funnel yes no no yes no
Maps Your ROI yes no no no no
Calculates Profit yes yes no no no
No Share of Revenue yes yes yes yes no
Unlimited Spend yes no no yes yes

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