About Us

We specialize in the impossible.

That was our first trademark. Since the very beginning, pursuing “the impossible” has been fundamental to our culture. Though impossible problems appear daunting, they simply require time, patience, and sincerity. It’s the spirit behind our fun final test for employees: solving a Rubik’s cube by heart in under five minutes. Every member of the Aphrodite team has done it.

Our culture translates into our products. Our mission is to create simple but thoughtful products – ones that hide the seemingly enormous & complex problems that we solve for our customers. When you use an Aphrodite product, your big problems become smaller, manageable ones.

Daniel Dietzel

CEO / Frontend Engineer

Daniel went to art school and saw the iPod in the MoMA and decided Steve Jobs was more interesting than Jackson Pollock. He's shipped and built software for 10 years, but still has an analog record player.

Maggie Leung

Lead Designer

Maggie joined us from Ubisoft after getting her Computer Graphic Major from the Academy of Art University. She's responsible for all our design, as well as the design of the application and user experience.

Gary Hsiao

Backend Engineer

Gary was Aphrodite's first employee when it was an LLC, and builds our backend APIs and proprietary backend software. He was so good at his job we figured out how to support H1-Bs to keep him.

Karissa Dong

Copywriting & Marketing

Karissa joined us while wrapping up her undergraduate History degree at Stanford. She manages all written content for Aphrodite.

Stephen "Dio" Stafford

QA Intern

Yes, even contractors have to solve the Rubik’s cube. Dio keeps an eye on our uptime and meticulously QAs every release.