Our Story

Our first office in San Francisco.

A San Francisco-based startup, Aphrodite began as an advertising & crowdfunding agency. After helping clients multiply their e-commerce ROAS or raise millions on Indiegogo, we realized that marketers needed better and more transparent analytics to be successful. So, we built our own internal tools to track ROI and ROAS in a way that instantly plugs into the data. Our full transition to analytics came next when we realized every entrepreneur could use our self-service tools to manage their ad campaigns with efficacy. From understanding advertising KPIs to identifying opportunities for growth, Aphrodite equips every user with the tools to maximize their advertising experience.

Our pursuit of creative problem solving can be summarized in our first-ever trademark: we specialize in the impossible. Though impossible problems appear daunting, they simply require time, patience, and sincerity. It’s the spirit behind our fun final test for employees: solving a Rubik’s cube by heart in less than five minutes. Every member of the Aphrodite team has done it.

Meet the Team

Daniel Dietzel

CEO & Frontend Engineer

Daniel went to art school and saw the iPod in the MoMA and decided Steve Jobs was more interesting than Jackson Pollock. He's shipped and built software for 10 years, but still has an analog record player.

Maggie Leung

Lead Designer & Junior Frontend Developer

Maggie joined us from Ubisoft after getting her Computer Graphic Major from the Academy of Art University. She's responsible for all of Aphrodite's design, and also manages the application's UX.

Gary Hsiao

Backend Engineer

Gary was Aphrodite's first employee when it was an LLC, and he builds our backend APIs and proprietary backend software. He was so good at his job that we figured out how to support H1-Bs to keep him.

Karissa Dong

Product Marketer & Frontend Developer

Karissa joined us while wrapping up her undergraduate History degree at Stanford University. She's in charge of marketing and works on developing new features.

Stephen "Dio" Stafford

QA Intern

Dio is our Quality Assurance intern and keeps an eye on our uptime. He meticulously QAs every new release and ensures that the consumer experience is up to our standards.

Tanya Khankaew

Events Manager

Tanya helps organize our events and helps with customer onboarding around the world. She studied tourism management at the University of Bangkok.