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Nail your conversions

Custom insights into your customer flow – right out of the box. Get the clarity and confidence you need to optimize conversion rates and push your company forward.

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Get marketing clarity

Understand where your spend is going, and which advertising and/or promotional channels are bringing in revenue. Let Aphrodite's Revenue Sources breakdown empower your ongoing and future marketing decisions.

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Actionable insights into your customer flow

Dive into your customers' pre-purchase journey, and learn where the drop off occurs. Observe the impact of your A/B tests live on our dashboards. Aphrodite equips you with easy and implementable insights that you need to make effective, informed decisions.

Track changes in your funnel

Find out at a glance where you're losing customers, and devise strategies to reduce "cart abandonment" rates. Identify trends in your customer flow and take actions to optimize your customers' experience.

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View your carts & conversions

Hone in on the number of shoppers who leave carts at checkout. Try strategies like abandoned cart emails, retargeting, and A/B testing to optimize conversion rates and drive revenue.

Hit your benchmarks

Track your goal completions by source and campaign. Simply toggle 'View Goals' to see where you're achieving the most goals, based on your settings in Google Analytics.

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Other Main Dashboards

Ad Account Dashboard
No more complicated charts and Excel spreadsheets. Get financial clarity with our visualizations of your daily ROI, geographic ROAS, and advertising costs. Create your weekly report in seconds, not hours.

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Engagement Dashboard
Discover the ROAS of your social media posts. Analyze the effectiveness of your brand messaging and uncover the user sentiments embedded in thousands of comments. Find out what works on your target audience, and fly with it.

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Opportunities Dashboard
Personalized insights and daily recommendations for conversion rate optimization. Discover your actionable next steps, from opportunities for revenue growth to smarter ad spend.

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Report Table
An executive table-view of your KPIs, collated by platform and advertising campaign. Get unified cross-platform data and customizable sorting options to gain a holistic understanding of your marketing performance.

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What customers are saying:

"It's amazing — nobody could handle our data — not even Google."

"With Aphrodite we were set up in 15 minutes, and I was increasing my ROAS and making better decisions the very next day."

Gary Hui /

"Aphrodite makes required decision-making quicker and more efficient."

"As CFO, actionable marketing data is essential. With Aphrodite you get ROI insights, rather than cost per click data.  Constantly updating, Aphrodite makes required decision-making quicker and more efficient. Aphrodite works."

Todd Sotkiewicz /

"We added $20,000 to the bottom line in 2 weeks."

"Aphrodite worked plug and play with my Shopify store — the pixel funnel instantly showed me where I was losing customers in a way I had never seen before."

Nicci Elizabeth /

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None! Your customer list, emails, and campaigns are yours. We only pull financial and funnel data, and you can delete your linked data with one click.

For ad accounts, we currently support Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and Microsoft. For Ecommerce, we support Shopify, Woocommerce, and Squarespace. We're always adding new platforms!

Admins can link assets and change app settings, and you can add or revoke admin privileges for team members at any time. All users can access the data dashboards.

We were originally an ad agency that was unhappy with current analytics platforms that only focused on engagement. We couldn't find a platform that honed in on financials, so we made one ourselves.

You can try Aphrodite free for 7 days by signing up via our pricing page

We use Stripe for recurring credit card transactions, and and Quickbooks for enterprise customers.