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Though we switched from an ad agency to analytics software last summer, we didn’t want our industry insights to go to waste. Download our eBooks now—and get our unparalleled tips and strategies on running a crowdfunding campaign, ecommerce business, or ad campaign—all for free!

How to run a profitable crowdfunding campaign

Whether it's Kickstarter or Indiegogo, we've put together a field guide to make a winning (and profitable!) Crowdfunding campaign for you.

• What makes people buy
Crowdfunding looks like magic - but there's a science behind it. Get the real deal you won't find anywhere else.
• Understanding ROI
Crowdfunding is notoriously tough to track, because it's fast and a lot is at stake. Keep a cool head with expert tips how to handle every scenario.
• Tracking and transitioning
Once you knock it out of the park, there will be lots of decisions to make. Our guide includes transitioning to InDemand, e-commerce and beyond.

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How to increase revenue without spending more money

Some of our proven strategies on how to increase revenue—without spending more money

• Track your conversions
Know where you’re gaining customers—and where you’re losing them. Find out your top revenue sources and boost those channels.
• Build customer confidence
Without spending any money, improve user experience with some of our guide’s suggestions. Think from your customers’ perspective.
• Understand how people shop
Ecommerce can be tricky because your store is online, rather than in a physical space. Knowing your potential customers and their shopping patterns is crucial.

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10 tips on creating engaging ads

Want to increase your conversion rate, but not sure how? Try our advice, compiled from our experience as an ad agency.

• Go for congruency
Make sure that your ad and landing page have the same offerings, font styles, color themes, etc. By appearing trustworthy, you’ll boost confidence in your product.
• Do the math
Know how to calculate your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and Return on Investment (ROI). These numbers will give you a fundamental understanding of your ads’ performance.
• Understand the cost of your ads
While numbers paint a useful picture, they don’t explain everything. For example, ads in Q4 (the holiday season) are typically more expensive because of a high volume of advertisers.

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