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We treat your online business like a physical store. With Aphrodite, you’ll be able to see
• with unprecedented clarity
• how your customers interact with your product.

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Get insights on your target audience

With our Revenue Sources Breakdown feature, find out where your customers are coming from—whether it’s online ads or weekly newsletters—and boost those channels.

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View ad performance by region

Know where you’re making conversions. With our Map feature, see your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by country and, for the U.S., by state.

See where you’re losing customers

Heard about the abandonment cart rate? That’s the percentage of shoppers who add items to cart, but then abandon the purchase. Find out where you’re losing potential customers, and improve UX where needed.

Track your daily ROI

See how well your ad campaigns are making conversions. Our Daily Return on Investment (ROI) feature allows you to track daily ad spend and revenue.

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None! Your customer list, emails, and campaigns are yours. We only pull financial and funnel data, and you can delete your linked data with one click.

For ad accounts we support Facebook + Linkedin currently. For Ecommerce we support Shopify, Woocommerce, and Squarespace. We're always adding new platforms!

We recommend one admin to link all the assets, and can add up to 3 accounts that can read all the data while they do their work on the platforms.

We were originally an ad agency that were unhappy with current analytics platforms that only focus on engagement. We couldn't find a platform that solely focused on financials so we made one.

No! Try Aphrodite for 14 days, and we'll check in with you to follow up once your trial has expired.

We use Stripe for recurring credit card transactions, and and Quickbooks for enterprise customers.