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What data do you keep?

I would like to use my agency clients’ data, but I have privacy concerns.

What type of cookie does Aphrodite store?

Where are your app's servers located?

What end points does Aphrodite use for ad integration partners?

Aphrodite 101

How is Aphrodite different from other platforms?

What platforms do you support?

What do I need to start using Aphrodite?

I have an ad account but I haven’t started spending money on advertising yet. Can I still use Aphrodite?

How is Aphrodite different from Facebook or Google Advertising analytics?

Aphrodite Vocabulary

What’s ROAS? How’s it different from ROI?

How do you calculate daily conversions with Facebook and Google?

How reliable is Facebook and Google data combined?

What does ‘async’ mean in Daily ROI breakdown?

How do I use Aphrodite for lead generation?

Crowdfunding/Product launch

How do I use Aphrodite for my crowdfunding campaign?

Do I need to share the percentage of my campaign's revenue with Aphrodite?


I linked my ad account(s) but it appears blank, what’s wrong?

How do I set up a revenue sources tab?

How do I work with teams on Aphrodite?

What is the Map feature?

How do I break down the analytics by U.S. state?

Can Aphrodite track ROAS by city?

Can I track ROAS in all the U.S. and in particular states?

What is Daily ROI Breakdown?

What is beast mode?

What’s the difference between company lead value and company LTV value?

Free trial

What is the Free trial?

Do I need a credit card to sign up?


What type of payment do you accept?

How do I upgrade/downgrade/cancel?

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