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For international brands

Your global ROAS, mapped.
Unparalleled tracking across borders and currencies.
With Aphrodite, get full clarity on your international ad spend.

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Discover your geographic ROAS

Find out where in the world you're coming out on top. With our ROAS Map, get clarity on your revenue by country and make confident decisions about global ad spend. Aphrodite supports 50+ currencies and offers currency conversions to unify your data, so you can view all global revenue in one currency of your choice.

Get insights into your customer base

Understand your target audience and discover how customers come into contact with your business. Whether it's ads or newsletters, find out how you're attracting customers with our Revenue Sources breakdown. Use these key insights to generate more revenue.

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Optimize your conversion rate

Heard about the abandonment cart rate? That’s the percentage of shoppers who add items to cart, but fail to purchase. Increase your conversion rates by pinpointing the areas in your sales funnel where you’re losing potential customers, and fix UX to improve overall consumer flow.

Never miss out on a single detail

Stay focused on the data that matters. Get instant financial clarity with our daily ROI breakdown, which analyzes ad spend and revenue across Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and Microsoft.

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Fine tune your social media strategy

Discover the effectiveness of your brand messaging. Look beyond likes and find out the ROAS generated by your Facebook posts. Get data-driven feedback on your social media strategy, and leverage these insights to attract more customers from your social channel.

Get a holistic view of your business

See all your advertising KPIs in one place and unified across platforms, ad campaigns, and currencies. Use the dynamic Report Table to keep tabs on your business performance and compare your productivity on different marketing platforms.

Explore your next steps

Discover personalized insights and actionable tips for conversion rate optimization. With our new Opportunities Dashboard, identify potential areas for revenue growth and get ideas for smarter international ad spend, every day.

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What customers are saying:

"It's amazing — nobody could handle our data — not even Google."

"With Aphrodite we were set up in 15 minutes, and I was increasing my ROAS and making better decisions the very next day."

Gary Hui /

"Aphrodite makes required decision-making quicker and more efficient."

"As CFO, actionable marketing data is essential. With Aphrodite you get ROI insights, rather than cost per click data.  Constantly updating, Aphrodite makes required decision-making quicker and more efficient. Aphrodite works."

Todd Sotkiewicz /

"We added $20,000 to the bottom line in 2 weeks."

"Aphrodite worked plug and play with my Shopify store — the pixel funnel instantly showed me where I was losing customers in a way I had never seen before."

Nicci Elizabeth /

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None! Your customer list, emails, and campaigns are yours. We only pull financial and funnel data, and you can delete your linked data with one click.

For ad accounts, we currently support Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, and Microsoft. For Ecommerce, we support Shopify, Woocommerce, and Squarespace. We're always adding new platforms!

Admins can link assets and change app settings, and you can add or revoke admin privileges for team members at any time. All users can access the data dashboards.

We were originally an ad agency that was unhappy with current analytics platforms that only focused on engagement. We couldn't find a platform that honed in on financials, so we made one ourselves.

You can try Aphrodite free for 7 days by signing up via our pricing page

We use Stripe for recurring credit card transactions, and and Quickbooks for enterprise customers.