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Why Choose Aphrodite

Plug-n-play analytics

One click, all insights, no hassle. Get data visualizations that fit you, right out of the box.

Your ROI, mapped

Aphrodite is the first platform to map ROI by country and currency. Spend money where it matters.

Pro tools to limit waste

Give our Kill Switch a whirl and automatically pause FB ad campaigns that underperform.

Analytics you can understand, insights that work

Ad Account Dashboard
Never use Excel to calculate ROI again. Get instant financial clarity with our visualizations and make confident decisions about your ad spend.

Conversions Dashboard
Custom insights into your customer flow, right out of the box. Focus on the numbers you need to optimize conversions and scale your business.

Engagement Dashboard
Fine tune your brand messaging. Discover the ROAS of your social media posts and use these insights to convert social media users into customers.

Opportunities Dashboard
Quick insights for conversion rate optimization, every day. We translate analytics into actionable opportunities for entrepreneurs.

NEW: Report Tables
An executive table-view of your KPIs, collated by platform and advertising campaign. Gain a holistic understanding of your marketing performance.

"Aphrodite's insights help you spend your ad budget where it matters most."

"Aphrodite collates and analyzes all your ad data into a visually appealing dashboard so you're able to pick up on the right ad metrics and quickly discover profitable patterns. With their visualizations, you get crucial insights far more easily than the traditional dashboard you see in Facebook Business Manager. "

Andrew Ethan Zeng / andrewethanzeng.com

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