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We provide unparalleled insights into every dollar in your business. With Aphrodite, know exactly where each dollar goes.

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Our Main Features

One-click setup

No more partnership requests. See your financials right away.

Global data

The first platform to map ROI by country and state. Make intelligent expansion decisions.

Updates in real time

Aphrodite updates every 15 minutes, and gives daily updates via Slack

Watch your data spring to life, day by day

Aphrodite helps you maintain situational awareness like no other apps

Our Main Dashboards

Ad Account Dashboard
No more complicated charts and numbers. Easily visualize your daily ROI, ROAS by country, and how ROI and advertising costs change over time. Make intelligent decisions about your ad spend, target audience, and more.

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Conversions Dashboard
Understand where your revenue is coming from, and grasp how customers are interacting with your product with Aphrodite’s daily conversions and funnel features. Pinpoint areas in need of improvement, and see the impact of your decisions in real time.

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Engagement Dashboard
User sentiments and engagements, rolled into one: see how users interact with your organic and advertising posts. This master view analyzes comments, reactions, and ROAS across all your posts without glossing over the details. Understand the bigger picture, and zoom in on particular trends by clicking on words or images.

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Fully White-labeled
Aphrodite also offers the same great branding as other software like DocuSign. Upload your logo, email header image, and brand colors to make Aphrodite your own.

Screen size doesn't matter

Desktop or mobile, same level of detail


Add and remove your accounts at any time. Aphrodite does not keep any of your data.

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Automatic updates

With automatic updates every 15 minutes, you’ll always be caught up on the latest trends. Receive automatic reports via email or Slack.

No more spreadsheets

All of your data, visualized. Save yourself from Excel and Facebook ad manager fatigue.

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Pick your timeframe

Compare and contrast data from different timeframes. Simply select a start and end date for Aphrodite to analyze, and watch the magic happen.

One-click set up

Set up your account in seconds. Link your Facebook/Google ad account(s) in just one click.

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How does Aphrodite compare? Sellics Stripe Attribution Looker Clearbanc
Cost for one team:
  $299/Month $399/Month $500/Month $4,000/Month $5,000/Month
Cash In
crowdfundingCrowdfunding Revenue yes no no no no
ecommerceE-commerce Revenue yes no yes yes yes
amazonAmazon Revenue yes no yes yes no
Cash Out
facebookadsFacebook Ads yes no yes yes yes
googleadsGoogle Ads yes no yes yes yes
amazonadsAmazon Ads yes no yes no no
linkedinLinkedIn Ads yes no yes yes yes
oneclickOne-Click Setup yes yes no no no
fuunnelFixes Your Funnel yes no no yes no
mapMaps Your ROI yes no no no no
calculateCalculates Profit yes yes no no no
shareNo Share of Revenue yes yes yes yes no
spendUnlimited Spend yes no no yes yes

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None! Your customer list, emails, and campaigns are yours. We only pull financial and funnel data, and you can delete your linked data with one click.

For ad accounts we support Facebook + Linkedin currently. For Ecommerce we support Shopify, Woocommerce, and Squarespace. We're always adding new platforms!

We recommend one admin to link all the assets, and can add up to 3 accounts that can read all the data while they do their work on the platforms.

We were originally an ad agency that were unhappy with current analytics platforms that only focus on engagement. We couldn't find a platform that solely focused on financials so we made one.

No! Try Aphrodite for 14 days, and we'll check in with you to follow up once your trial has expired.

We use Stripe for recurring credit card transactions, and and Quickbooks for enterprise customers.